Peer Review Process

All manuscripts are automatically logged into our tracking system when they are submitted online through our Manuscript processing system. Manuscripts are subjected to scrutiny by the Editor-in-chief or the staff editors as necessary. Selected manuscripts which are up to the standards after the initial review will be sent for external peer review. Reviewers maintain the manuscript confidentiality, without the permission of the editor-in-chief they cannot disclose, print or copy anything from the manuscript. The reviewer's identity is not revealed to the author or to other reviewers of the same manuscript. However, each peer reviewer will receive a copy of the decision letter for the manuscript that she or he has reviewed. Authors are required to declare any and all conflicts of interest-financial, personal, or other that may affect the information. Peer review is a well-established scholarly practice in which your manuscript is analyzed by a panel of experts in your field, who deliver input on how the manuscript can be improved – or decide if it’s ready to be published as is. To make sure every aspect of your manuscript is put under careful scrutiny, we assign it to multiple reviewers whom each provide their individual views on the paper. This occurs through a double-blind process.Once the proofreading is complete and the author accepts the finalized version it is published to one of our issues and this is finalized. Any major changes from there on will be updated to Cross Mark and are chargeable by the publisher.