Open Access

As an open access publisher, on the way to being the world leader in open access. This publishing allows us to reach many readers by providing them access to online scientific publications.

Open access articles are usually more cited than pay-to-download articles which shows that limitless access provides the author more weightage by having his/her work cited frequently. Locking research works behind paywalls makes them widely inaccessible to anyone without the means and iseffectively barred from knowledge.

All articles will be published under the Mk Science Set Publishers follows Gold Open Access policies which go through a peer review process with the support of our eminent editorial board members and experts in the relevant fields. After the review process, the articles will be immediately freely available to read, download and share.


  1. Open access publications are free to read, copy, reuse and distribute with proper citation and reference which makes the research available for wider collaboration on a global scale.
  2. Increased visibility for research output and thus increased visibility and usage of their results.
  3. The open-access model facilitates data mining; this has a direct positive impact on the citation rates.